Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

As the 20th century turned into the 21st, the fledgling market for digital selling, took off.

The meteoric rise of everyday digital use, shows no sign of slowing down. The term computer, now denotes a very hazy line between hand-held devices, tablets, televisions and phones. When is a computer not a computer?

Regardless of definition, this rise has given availability to virtually anyone around the globe to be able to access the digital world of the internet.

Social media has been a huge driver of internet pick-up, hand-in-hand with the smart phone and a whole variety of technology devices.

The corresponding rise in international e-commerce has opened new channels for advertising and for enhancing brand recognition and customer familiarisation. All this has the world of Digital marketing to the fore.

The end customer no longer pounds the pavement, but turns to their familiar internet enabled device, and hunts online, possibly discussing options on social media, multiplying the points of possible influence from Digital marketing.

The term itself covers a multitude of ways and means of marketing. Pop-up familiarisation posters, search engine optimisation, e-mail direct marketing, if it is digital, it has the potential to carry marketing in one form or another.

Whether it’s called web marketing or internet marketing, it all boils down to the same thing…. as a website owner, you need your website to climb online to where it can be found by potential customers.

The dependency on the internet is constantly growing and as it does, those with product or services to sell find themselves, willingly or not, investing in some form of digital marketing.

Alongside marketing is security and protecting the sensitive data of consumers online, however they choose to access the web.

This is an increasing challenge and it falls to top end data centres to provide bespoke security and resilience for many of the leading brands online.

Protection through firewall resilience, malware protection and continual monitoring of servers provides the confidence that business needs to trade safely and securely online.

Whether it is having a prettier web site (, a more pro-active site (, or whether the investment is best spent promoting the name through search engine marketing, or search engine optimisation, you should seek a professional SEO website review of your current websites health so you can address all potential ranking issues that will prevent your website from working to its full potential.

The concept of Digital marketing, was born along with the technology developed to bear it, and this technology does not stand still. Innovation, modification and constant evolution in it, demand that Digital marketing does the same to keep pace, or indeed one or two steps ahead!