Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance

In this day and age, it is becoming more and more important to company and business image to present a clean and tidy persona not only to work associates and employees, but to the general public also.

Whether it be a small hotel or large business centre, the look, at a glance can be the whole difference in perception of the enterprise, the public open space, or even private grounds and gardens.

The days of houses and businesses keeping ‘the old retainer’, or even permanent gardener, are pretty much gone, and the work, as in so many areas today, is contracted or put out to, ground maintenance professionals.

Good ground maintenance teams should understand their client’s expectations and aspirations and work accordingly.

Gardens and open spaces are all individual and each needs a tailored approach, by skilled operatives to employ the most appropriate up-to-date machinery and techniques.

Grass cutting may call for a range of mowers, from walking and strimming, to sit-on cutters, to tractor pulling a gang of reel mowers.

Hedge trimming has an equally large range of approaches from trimmer to tractor driven flails.

Most businesses employing ground maintenance firms are content to allow them a fairly free reign to soft landscape, and see to border maintenance, shrub planting and upkeep. Leaf fall can be cleared with blowers, rakes or tractor rakes and rollers.

Hard surfaces also require maintenance, physical or chemical weed control is something that is best left to skilled and experienced operatives. Leaf and litter removal is important here too, and pressure washing can brighten some hard surfaces very well indeed.

In the winter months, grounds maintenance are there to respond to adverse weather. Snow clearance can be very important in some areas, especially for employee or public safety. Gritting and salting can be called on at any time day or night.

Many grounds maintenance companies use small, flexible plant do much of the hard work for them including skid steer loaders and mini diggers which both have a variety of attachments such as forks, tines, buckets, plough blades, augers, backhoe loaders etc. giving them the flexibility to move earth, dig holes, plough snow, and much more.

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Professional grounds maintenance, although at a higher profile during the summer and autumn, carries on throughout the year, ensuring pleasant and safe surroundings.