Speeding on UK Roads

Year upon year, invention and innovation go on evolving the motor car, giving us currently, pretty sophisticated and safety-orientated machines. Unfortunately, not the same could be said for a great number of drivers.

Speeding has become one of the most common driving offences. Many an “honest” citizen will put their hands up to exceeding the limit at some time.

The limit in built up areas is usually 30mph, going up to 60mph on rural roads, and 70mph on dual carriageways with central reservations and motorways.

The attitude of most drivers is that the urban limit is understandable and acceptable, but to many, motorways are a kind of free-for-all with the speed limit a kind of advisory thing pertaining mostly to other drivers.

The speed limit is the absolute maximum allowed, and not a recommended speed to drive at.

Laws are graduated so the faster the driver is caught at, the greater the offence and therefore the greater the speeding penalty. Limit the penalty you receive with specialist fixed fee representation from leading UK road traffic lawyers pattersonlaw.co.uk.

A fine, (up to £1000, £2,500 on motorways) and penalty points endorsed on the license are the usual result.

Every motorist in England must be aware by now of Truvelo & Gatso fixed speed cameras, the yellow box on a pole facing away from the direction of travel, if it emits two quick bright flashes, it usually has reacted to a speeding vehicle.

The other fixed type of camera generally seen is the average speed camera, which is a series of CCTV SPECS cameras, which record the number plate and the time it passes to the next camera and works out the speed by calculating the time between two camera points.

There are also mobile camera vans, usually with bright yellow markings, which are temporarily positioned by the side of the road, with an open window through which you can often see the camera in passing.

The latest cameras can detect drivers on the phone, not wearing a seatbelt as well as speeding.

It’s never been easier to inadvertently get flashed by a speed camera, especially on roads that aren’t familiar to you.